We project automatic control and building management systems for the constructions with our specialist engineers by the support of relevant software and package programs and design according to the clients needs in parallel with the international standarts.

As On Otomasyon, we supply automatic controls and BMS equipments,monitoring system equipment, based on the exclusive representation and distributor from well-known companies which have the high-tech products.Furthermore, we are able to supply the spare parts and materials very quickly due to our current stock policy.

As On Otomasyon we provide supervisory service for the installation of automatic control and BMS, monitoring systems that we supply.

We are able to realize turnkey project for the areasIproducts within our scope of work and speciality.

Automatic control and BMS and monitoring systems are commissioned by On Otomasyon engineers through the relevant tests such as wiring and functional test procedures and the systems are delivered in state of running to the clients.

We carry out the test and validation processes for HVAC automation and monitoring systems in pharmaceutical sector according to the methodology specified by GAMP4.0 regulation.

We prepare and deliver to the clients the “as-built” documentations of engineering services at all stages ldesign, installation, test and commissioning] from the beginning to the start-up for the systems we commission.

Periodically inspection and maintenance service are carried out by us on the basis of contracted maintenance for the equipments of automatic control, building management and monitoring systems to ensure the established systems working continously and efficiently.

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